Introducing BuzzLinks!

BuzzLinks are clickable “review request” hyperlinks that you can add to your email signature, invoice templates, and more.

BuzzLinks make it easier and faster to get even more reviews. They only take a couple minutes to set up and once you do, they’re completely hands-free.

BuzzLinks let you:

  • Automate asking for reviews from your customers
  • Reduce your workload and save time
  • Get more reviews

BuzzLinks - How They Work

What are BuzzLinks?

BuzzLinks are clickable review request hyperlinks that create a shortcut directly to your company’s review portal, making it easier for you to ask for reviews and for your customers to write a review.

You can easily add BuzzLinks to your:

  • Email signature
  • Invoice template
  • Social media posts
  • Web pages
  • Text message alerts

How does this help me?

  1. With BuzzLinks, every email and invoice you send is a review-generating opportunity.
  2. Buzzlinks speed up the review process for your customers which means more reviews.
  3. Buzzlinks save you and your team time because you don’t have to manually create an appointment or enter your customers’ email addresses into your ReviewBuzz dashboard or CRM.

What do BuzzLinks look like?

BuzzLinks can appear as text as a simple hyperlink or you can embed the hyperlink into an image of your choice like a cool branded picture or an action button like below.

>>>Click here to download a zip file of BuzzLink images!


Here is the default BuzzLinks button inside an email.


You can also insert BuzzLinks as a simple link...



Where should I NOT use the BuzzLink?

BuzzLinks are not a replacement for the review widget on your website. The widget displays your current reviews, and it is a powerful conversion tool that turns visitors into customers. The BuzzLink helps you generate new reviews. If you want to place it on your website you can. Just make sure you keep the widget on your page.

What types of BuzzLinks are there?

There are two types of BuzzLinks. A company BuzzLink, and an Employee BuzzLink

Company BuzzLink: 

The Company BuzzLink is a shortcut to the “choose employee” step of your review portal, where customers choose the employee who helped them and then write a review.

Click to try it here on our test account.

Employee BuzzLink:

The Employee BuzzLink is a shortcut to the enter your email step of your review portal, skipping the “choose employee” step and making it quicker and easier for your customers to write a review.

Click to try it here on our test account.

How Do I Get Started?

 Step 1: First, Get Your BuzzLinks from your ReviewBuzz Dashboard

You can choose either a “company” BuzzLink or an “employee” BuzzLink.

Go to Settings>Account for the Company BuzzLink, and Settings>Team Members>Edit for the Employee BuzzLink 


Step 2: Download BuzzLink Images (optional)

Click here to download a zip file of BuzzLink images! (Or you can create your own).

Step 3: Add a BuzzLink to Your Gmail Signature

Here is a quick YouTube video demonstrating how to add an image with a web link to your Gmail signature.

Or you can follow these instructions here.

  1. Go to your Gmail inbox.
  2. Click on the Settings gear icon in the top right corner of your Gmail inbox.

  3. Scroll down to the Signature section.
  4. If you haven’t created a Gmail signature you can do so now.
  5. (optional) Once your signature is complete, click the Insert image button
  6. (optional) Click here to download a zip file of sample BuzzLink images!
  7. (optional) Upload the BuzzLink image you want to use.
  8. Once the BuzzLink image is in your signature, select the BuzzLink image by clicking and holding your mouse button while dragging the cursor over the button image. The button image should turn blue.
  9. With the button image selected, click the hyperlink button that looks like this: 
  10. In the box under To what URL should this link go? paste the BuzzLink url and click Okay.
  11. Make sure you click Save Changes at the bottom.

Step 4: Add a BuzzLink to Your Quickbooks Invoice Template (2014 and older versions)

  1. Click Lists > Templates.  (Go to QB Gear, All Lists, Customer Form Styles)
  2. Select the invoice you would like to customize. (Standard Style )
  3. Click Templates > Edit Template.
  4. Click Footer.
  5. Enter text similar to this: “Enjoyed Your Experience? Please Click Below and Write a Review”.
  6. Paste the BuzzLink URL
  7. Click Save
  8. When you create and email this invoice to your customer using this template, they will be able to click the link and a website will open





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