Introducing "Show Me How"

Show Me How is a step-by-step guide to assist you with using ReviewBuzz. It makes it even easier for you to learn and use the most popular features in ReviewBuzz!

Show Me How lets you:

  • Get help on demand, anytime
  • Learn new features fast
  • Train new employees in less time



You'll see the icon below on the bottom right corner of your ReviewBuzz application. It's available anytime you're logged in 24/7.

Show Me How | How It Works

What is Show Me How?
Show Me How is an easy-to use tool that clearly shows you, step-by-step, how to use the most popular features in ReviewBuzz.

How does this help me?
Show Me How lets you get help on demand, anytime. It makes it fast and easy to learn new features and  train employees on ReviewBuzz in less time. We know your work schedules are hectic and this will be available at your leisure 24/7.

How do I get started?
Click on the Show Me How Player on the bottom right corner of your dashboard to open the Player Menu. Click on one of the topics you’re interested in, and watch it go!

Keep track of your training.
The Player Menu will show your progress and let you know what you still need to do to complete your initial training. This will help keep things organized and limit the amount of time you need to spend overseeing employee training.

We love feedback! Please let us know your thoughts on Show Me How by sending your feedback to

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