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ReviewBuzz is the easiest solution to get more 5-star reviews on sites that matter. The reason is we make it easy for your team to ask for reviews, and for your customers to write reviews. 

The Customer Review Portal is how your customers write the reviews. 

It's a 4-step process. 

Step One: Customers either get to your company's review portal via email or via BuzzCard (review request business cards). Let's go over the BuzzCard experience first. 

If they have a BuzzCard, they will go to, and search for your company in the search box:

Step Two: Then, they will find the people who helped them out.

Step Three: Then they enter their own information -- name and email. This is how we know it's a real review. 

 Step Four: They'll pick a review site they have an account with. If they don't have accounts anywhere, we provide an option for that situation, too.

Picking the review site will send them directly to your company's page on that site. But first, we give them some instructions on what they'll do once they get to that page.

For example, here's the instructions for Google:

Now that they know what to do, they will click the orange Continue to Google button. Once they do, we place them on your Google page to write the review.

Easy enough, right?

Now, let's go over the email experience.


After the service is completed, your office team will send your customer an email asking for feedback. It looks something like this:

The customer will click on the orange Provide Feedback now! button. The next steps to the review are...

Step One: Rate the service on a scale of 1-10. 


If they choose 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7, they will be guided toward a customer satisfaction survey. They weren't overly impressed with the we don't want to get them to write a review. 

If they choose 8, 9, or 10, we will guide them toward writing a review. After they click the blue Rate & Continue button...


Step Two: They'll pick a review site, and continue on to write a review on your company's review site. 


Once the review is posted, you will see it on your Manager's Dashboard! 

 Watch the video below to check out the flow in action!

Customer-Experience from ReviewBuzz on Vimeo.




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