Online Review Portfolio

Earning reviews is an important step. Showing them off is another! 

With ReviewBuzz, we store all of your online reviews in your ReviewBuzz account. Your management team can see those reviews on the front page of your Manager Dashboard, like this:

Review_Buzz.png do your customers and potential customers see the reviews? 

One way, of course, is on the major review sites like Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc. Another is on your ReviewBuzz Online Review Portfolio. We put all of the reviews you earn with ReviewBuzz in one place so that your customers can see how great your company is.

It's kind of like a review trophy case. Show off those review trophies!


The first page of your company's Online Review Portfolio has ALL of your company's reviews:


Then, we break down the reviews by the employees who earned them. 



Here's a sample Online Review Portfolio if you want to see it in action:




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