What questions are on the survey?

The customer satisfaction survey gives your customers an opportunity to provide feedback on your service. 
The survey begins with 6 questions on 6 different points of service. The customers answer these questions with star ratings:
1 Star = very dissatisfied | 5 Stars = very satisfied
These are the questions they are asked:
1) Courteous and efficient on the phone:
2) Convenient scheduling:
3) Arrived within the agreed upon time:
4) Courteous and respectful service:
5) Diagnosed situation and offered options:
6) Explanation of completed work:
After these 6 questions, the customer is asked the NPS question, which they rate on a scale of 1-10.
1 = not likely to recommend | 10 = extremely likely to recommend.
This is the way the NPS question is asked:
7) On a scale of 1-10 how likely are you to recommend <Company> to people you know (10 being very likely)?
We then give the customer an opportunity to provide their own comments with a text field. It's worded like this: 
8) Please feel free to comment below:
There is not a character limit for their comments and they can say whatever they would like. 
The next question asks the customer: 
9) May we have your permission to use your comments on our promotional materials?
The customer can either click Yes or No. If they click yes, those comments become reviews in your BuzzBox. Here is more information on the BuzzBox
If they click No, the comments remain internal to your company and are not posted online. 
The final question asks:
10) Would you like to have someone from <Company> contact you?
The customer can either click Yes or No. If they click yes, you will see an exclamation point next to that survey on your survey dashboard, which alerts you that the customer wants to be contacted. That looks like this:
If the customer clicks no, nothing happens other than you will see that they selected no. 
Want to see what the survey looks like? No problem. It is mobile and desktop friendly, and it looks like this in both experiences. Each image is a new screen:
Q: Can I change the questions?
A: Yes, you can change the first 6 questions. You cannot change the NPS question. Note that if you change any or all of the first 6 questions, they are still answered on the 1-5 star scale. You will need to phrase the question in a way that a customer can answer the question with a star rating. 
Q: Can I delete any of the questions? 
A: You can, but you'll need to replace it with a different question. There will always be 6 service related questions and the NPS question. 



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