Redeem Points for Rewards

Cha-Ching! Time to Cash In

ReviewBuzz's reward technology gives your supervisors the chance to build a program for all your work earning 5-star reviews.

Once you're ready to cash in, follow the steps below to alert your supervisors you're ready to redeem some of your points.

To redeem your points for a reward click here for an easy walkthru, or follow these steps: 

1. Go to

2. Click on Client login in the upper right corner.  


3. Enter your username and password*.

*Don't know your username / password? Not to worry, your supervisor can get it for you. 

4. The home page displays your Recent Activity feed. Click on the Rewards tab.

5. This is your rewards board, listing all of the rewards your company offers in exchange for your ReviewBuzz points.

  • The rewards highlighted in green are the choices you have enough points for.
  • You still need to save up points for the rewards in white.

6. To tell your supervisor you're ready to cash in, click on the Claim button next to the reward you'd like. 

7. A lightbox will appear to double check if this is the reward you want. If so, click Yes, I want to claim my prize. If not, just click cancel. 

8. Once you've selected a reward, the value of the reward is deducted from your total points automatically. At the same time, ReviewBuzz sends a message to your supervisor to alert them you've chosen to redeem points. We send an email to them as well as an alert on their Manager Dashboard. 


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