Batch Upload Customers From CSV file

Compile customer data onto an Excel sheet using the following format. Don't worry, there's a template attached to the bottom of this article:

There are 5 total columns in the sheet. Column D is the only column that does not require any data. All other columns are required.

A Note on Column E

This field allows you to put your team members' first and last names in one column. The team member names you put in this sheet must identically match the way the team members' names read in the Dashboard, and always require a vertical bar symbol | with no spaces

For example:

If you have more than one team member who helped one customer, you can add as many team members as you like in the columns following E. Like so:

Note: That vertical bar symbol is located under the Backspace (Mac users: Delete) button. Press Shift and the vertical bar key at the same time. 

Once all data has been entered, your Excel sheet is ready to be converted to a CSV file.  From your Excel document:

  1. Click the File tab
  2. Click on Save As
  3. Then choose your file destination:

Assign the file a name:

Save the file type as CSV (Comma delimited) from the drop down menu:

Click Save:

Next, click OK in 1st pop-up window:

Then click Yes in the next pop-up window (if applicable, you may not get this pop-up):

Your file is now CSV upload ready. To upload it to your Manager Dashboard, first login. Then go to Manage Feedback Request.


Click Upload from CSV:

Select file and upload. Sample Excel spreadsheet format is attached to this article.  

Click here for an easy walkthru to upload your CSV file.

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