What's a Widget?

There are two parts to building your online review reputation:

  1. Earning Reviews
  2. Showcasing Your Reviews

Earning reviews is a big part of winning more customers. Now that you have a few reviews, it's time to show them off to the public. 

Show off reviews with the Widget. A "widget" is an application, or in this case an image, that enables a user to access a service or information. In this case, the ReviewBuzz widget enables your customers to look at all the reviews you have online in one easy place. 

More importantly, that one easy place is on your website. This is so important because when a shopper is on your website, they are debating whether to call you or not. If you can prove you are trustworthy with 5-star online reviews, the chances of them calling you instead of your competition are exponentially greater. 

Once a widget is installed on your website, there will be a new image your customers can click on. It will look something like this: 

When a customer clicks on that image, a pop-up will appear where they see all of your reviews. It looks something like this:

 There are a few tabs that come with the widget. The Company Reviews tab (above) displays all the reviews your company has earned online. 

The second tab, Employee Reviews (below), shows all of the reviews again, but this time are broken down by employee. 

Finally, your customers can even write a review in the widget! This function is accessed via the Rate Us tab (below).

The Widget is available in different designs!

Here are the options for the widget image to place on your company's website:


The second set of widget choices, Widget Icon Options Plus, come with a live review count ticker and averaged star rating. This is powerful because your customers don't even have to click the widget to see how many reviews you have and how high your overall star rating is!

These options are recommended for companies with 50 reviews or more. 


FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

 1. Not sure I want all those tabs. Can I deactivate the Employee Reviews or Rate Us tab? 

Yes. Both of those tabs are optional. The only one that's required is the Company Reviews tab. 

2. Can I design my own widget image or use my own logo?

Absolutely. We do not offer design services other than the options above, but you are more than welcome to create any widget image you want.  

3. I love it! How do I get the widget?

Fantastic, we knew you would. Just tell us, "I want the widget!" by filling out this form. Provide your company name and which widget image you want. There are numbers next to the widget images, so you can just give us the number or feel free to describe how it looks to your heart's content.

4. How do I install the widget on my website?

When ReviewBuzz delivers your widget, all you'll receive is a snippet of code. Take that code exactly how it was given to you, and pass it on to your webmaster. Tell your webmaster where you want the widget on your site and they will easily install it for you.

5. When a customer writes a review in the widget, where does that review go?

Your company's BuzzBox. Here's what the BuzzBox is

6. How much does the widget cost?

Depends on your ReviewBuzz package. Ask your ReviewBuzz representative, or inquire by filling out this form. 



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