Why are BBB reviews in the Pending tab for anywhere between 3-12 days?

BBB confirms reviews a little differently than other review sites.
Before publishing reviews, the BBB:
1. Sends verification email to reviewer.
    • Review is only published if reviewer verifies the review by clicking link in the email.
2. Sends an email to company, alerting them and asking them to verify if the review writer is a customer.
    • If company responds to email stating it is not a customer, BBB contacts consumer and asks for more verification.
    • If company does not respond after 7 days, review is published but not as a "verified" review. Review posting to published time frame is 7-12 days.
3. BBB does not call the company directly unless company responds that the reviewer is not a customer.
Other things to note:
  • Company can respond to reviews on their BBB webpage, or via email to BBB. This response is posted in the review thread.
  • Reviews do not factor into your BBB rating.
  • BBB does not ask for star rating in the review process, but does ask the NPS question.


Here is some more information on the BBB review verification process directly from the BBB: BBB Customer Review Verification Process 





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