Best Practices for Team Member Photos

Here's how to make your team look their best!

1. SCHEDULING: Schedule all employees’ photos at same time to get consistent lighting. Company meetings are the easiest way to do so. 

2. CAMERA: Using a professional photographer is best. You can easily find one online or ask a friend with a knack for taking great pictures. Perhaps try a photography center like Sears or JCPenny.

If you choose to do your own photography, we suggest you use a digital camera with at least 8 Megapixels resolution.

3. BACKGROUND: Take photos on a light colored solid background, such as a blank wall. White is best.

4. LIGHTING: Avoid shadows in the background by not using a built-in flash, and make sure the area is well lit. Take special care to make sure face is well lit. We do not suggest taking photos outside. But if you do, do not take in direct, bright sunlight or shadows. Diffused light is preferred to avoid over or under exposure.

5. CLOTHING: Employees should wear a clean uniform, preferably with your company logo. Have badges? Wear them.

6. PREPARATION: Employees should be clean cut and clean shaven. Shaving the night before is recommended. They need to look friendly, clean, and professional.

7. POSE: Preferred pose is slightly 1/4 turned body, face directly at camera. If uniforms have a flag or logo on their sleeve turn that side toward camera. Smile!

8. FRAMING: Take close up head shots just below the shoulders so customers can clearly see your employee's beautiful face. 

9. SHOOT: Take some test shots to make sure lighting is good. Not too much shadow, not too much highlight. Take multiple shots and choose the best one of each employee.


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