How To Confirm Pending Reviews

Once a customer goes through the review generation portal at, they follow a few steps to post their review. Each time a customer makes it through our system and onto a public review site like Yelp, Google or Facebook, you know about this action because a new pending record is created. These pending reviews, which are located in the Pending tab of your main Dashboard. 

You can get to this Pending tab by going to Feedback > View Reviews. Or if you're logged in, just <<click here>>


As part of your service with ReviewBuzz, we search the web to find these reviews for you. We give customers 48-hours to complete the review, but some review sites have a post lag time and you might see pending reviews in your pending tab for a little longer than 2-days.

However, if you are interested in finding out if the customer has completed the review, we give you the opportunity to confirm the review yourself!

Please note, that Angie’s List (listed under “Other”) is the one review site that we cannot confirm on your behalf.

Step 1: Click the review site icon under the Pending column (see screenshot above - in that image the icon is Yelp). The following screen will pop up:

Step 2: You may see the review site open below the marigold bar. If it does not automatically open, click on the underlined name of the review site, in this example Yelp. This will then open your company’s Yelp listing.

Step 3: Find the sort button and sort reviews by date - most recent reviews should now be at the top of the list.

Step 4: Locate the customer’s name (in this example Sagita P.) comments for your employee (in this example Cynthia F. & Preston U.) Be sure to also match the date that is seen in ReviewBuzz.

Step 5: If you can locate the review, copy and paste the review into the white box labeled Enter Review Content. Next select the star rating for the review by using the dropdown menu under Select Star Rating. Then select Confirmed in the dropdown menu under Select Status

Sometimes you will not be able to find the review. This means that the customer did not complete the review. Therefore, simply select Abandon from the status dropdown menu. The review attempt is then removed from the list and this sends out an automatic follow-up email sent by ReviewBuzz.

Occasionally a customer will want to write multiple reviews for you. When this happens, under your Pending tab you will see that there may be reviews on Multiple Sites. Please note that these are all attempts, so there may only be one, or even zero actual reviews.

Just like before, click on the icon under the “Confirm” column. This time however, there will be multiple windows that pop up.

To confirm these reviews, simply follow the same process. Click on the name of the review site, search for the review, then either select “Confirmed” if you find that review. If you do find that the customer posted on 1 site and not the other select “Close Out” for the other attempts. Selecting “Abandon” will send a follow up email  to the customer which we do not want to do since they did successfully post on another review site.


Select status dropdown menu options

Unconfirmed - Review is pending for confirmation.

1st Attempt - Your 1st attempt to view if review is posted on the review site.

2nd Attempt - Your 2nd attempt to view if review is posted on the review site.

Confirmed - Review is posted on review site and ready to save on your dashboard.

Abandoned - Customer did not successfully post on review site. Mark abandoned to trigger follow up email.

Closed Out - Customer sucessfully posted on another review site and you do not need to send a follow email to them to post their review.

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