Why are my customers not posting reviews?

Most of your customers will not post reviews. But if you ask them to post a review and provide them with easy review writing options through ReviewBuzz, the chances of them completing a review are higher. However, by signing up with ReviewBuzz and asking customers for reviews does not automatically result in new reviews. Earning reviews the right and ethical way means we are asking real people for the favor of writing a review, who in order to write you a review must go through a series of steps before the review is posted.

Many of your customers will be happy with your service and will perform all of the steps to complete the review. Yet some of your customers will become discouraged before completing the review. Some will realize they don’t have an account on the review site, maybe they won’t know exactly where to click, or some may not be computer savvy and understand how to write the review.

These are just some reasons why customers won’t complete a review. But remember that earning reviews is a very organic process, which means it’s not an automatic button that will generate reviews. You must continue to give your customers excellent service so they are motivated to write the review. You also need to play the game of numbers, which means the more people you ask to write a review, the more will complete one.

Keep giving great service, keep asking for reviews, and customers will post reviews.

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