Follow up call with customers

It is always important to follow up with customers even if you handed out the BuzzCard and sent them a feedback request email. 

Speaking directly to the customer will get you to get important information about your team. For example, if something was not performed correctly or if the technician was late arriving to the customer's home you can take the time to improve in certain areas.

To be effective when calling a customer create a script that your team can read from and have them ask questions to the customers. Follow ups should be done once the service appointment has been completed. Follow the guidelines below to have an effective and successful call. 

• The CSR should review the script before making the call
• The CSR should review customers file before making the call to know exactly what type of work was performed.
• If a customer is unhappy and is requesting a refund, or to speak with a manager the CSR should have an immediate resource for solving the customer’s concerns.

Below are questions you can ask when you follow up with the customer:

1) Did the technician arrive at a timely manner?

2) Did our service exceed your needs?

3) Was our availability fit your needs?

4) Did the technician clean up after completed the job?

5) Do you have any comments or concerns?

Before completing the call ask them if it is ok to add their positive feedback into ReviewBuzz. If the customer says yes, add those comments as a happy call.

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