What is a 'pending' review?


Pending reviews represent customers who tried to write you a review. Those customers completed the review steps in the portal at www.reviewbuzz.com, and made it to an external review site like Google, Facebook or Yelp to write a review. Each time one of your customers makes it to an external review site a record is created – and that’s what we call a pending review.

You can view your pending reviews by logging in to your Manager Dashboard, then go to Feedback > View Reviews > Pending.

We provide your customers with 48 hours to complete this review, so you will see those pending reviews in that tab for a couple of days.

After 48 hours, the ReviewBuzz support team goes through all of the pending review records to confirm if the review was posted successfully on the review site or not. If they did, you will see this review pop up as a real review in your ReviewBuzz dashboard. If not, we send your customer a follow-up request to try to get you a review one more time.


Please note a couple of things:

  • Not all pending reviews become completed reviews. If we find the review was not posted, we send a follow-up request to your customer. 

  • Some review sites have a lag time of 48 hours before the review is live*.

*BBB reviews can take up to 10 days to post to your BBB account.  Click here to learn more about BBB reviews >>




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