BuzzBox: What it is & How It Helps

The BuzzBox is a review site powered by ReviewBuzz. There are several ways to earn reviews on the BuzzBox, such as from the Widget.

Another way is when a customer cannot post a review on a public review site like Google, Facebook, or Yelp, ReviewBuzz offers the BuzzBox as a back-up review option to customers.

This is so customers can still provide feedback for your company online, not over the phone or on a comment card.  

It is good to get reviews on this page because it will help with SEO as well as add to your presence online. 

Some important things to know about the BuzzBox:

  • It's easy because it does not require user sign in
  • It's live as soon as your account is set up
  • It's visible on your Online Review Portfolio* and widget
  • Can be managed by YOU!

*See BuzzBox FAQ #2 to find your Online Review Portfolio.

BuzzBox FAQ

1. Why not offer the Buzzbox as a review site option right away for customers who are writing reviews for my company?

Public reviews put more money in your pocket, so your primary objective is to get your customers’ comments on the big, popular review sites like Yelp, Google and Facebook. This is where reviews are most powerful because your potential customers see your great reviews and decide to call you, instead of your competition.

2. Where can I find my BuzzBox page?

On your Manager Dashboard hover over Settings, click on Set-up Wizard

Then click on Step 4 Prep for Marketing.

There you will see a link to the ReviewBuzz Review Page. This is your BuzzBox page! Click on the URL to view. 

*The third link on this page is your Online Review Portfolio, which is one of the pages your BuzzBox reviews are displayed. Customers get to this page from the Meet the Team email. 

3. Does the BuzzBox help with SEO?

Yes. The more pages you have out there with your company listed, the better. And since the buzz box is continually updated with new user-generated content in the form of customer reviews, Google’s search algorithm loves it, and pushes it up the search rankings.

4. How do customers see BuzzBox reviews?

There are two ways customers can get to your BuzzBox:

  1. Online Review Portfolio: When you send the Meet the Team email, the email directs customers to your Online Review Portfolio. This is a showcase of all of your online reviews - which includes the BuzzBox
  2. Widget: The widget plugs onto your website, intended to show your web visitors all your fantastic online reviews. The BuzzBox reviews are there too.

5. Can I delete reviews on the BuzzBox?

Yes you can, although we do not recommend it. Customers are smart - they know
that no matter how great a company you are, there will always be cranky unhappy
people. So if a customer sees only all positive reviews, they might think something is up.

If you do have an especially terrible review, you can log in to your Manager Dashboard, go to Feedback > View Reviews. Find the review and then click the delete button found under the customer’s name.


6. Why do I get more BuzzBox reviews than any other review site? 

The BuzzBox is a back-up, last attempt to get you online reviews. This means if a customer gets stuck and can't complete a review on any review site, they will be driven to the BuzzBox, funneling all those customers to this one page. 

We don't send customers who were unable to finish their reviews to, for example, Facebook because that is a site with more challenges to completing the review. It is easy to write the review on the BuzzBox, which is why it is the last option. 

Once a customer goes to a review site from the ReviewBuzz portal, a new popup opens where they can write their review directly on Google, Yelp, Facebook, whichever site they chose. The ReviewBuzz portal that drove them to that review site changes screens, so that when the customer returns to the ReviewBuzz screen they will see the following question:


If they click No, they are directed to the 'What Happened?' page, they will be presented with a set of options. If they click 'I didn't know how to post' the BuzzBox will open up in a lightbox window


Once they click Post Your Review, this becomes a BuzzBox review. 


In addition to being the backup to other sites, customers who leave written feedback on the survey have the option to publish their comments on the BuzzBox. The image below shows the comment box of the survey. If the customer clicks Yes on question 9, their comments are posted on the BuzzBox. 

The reason you get more BuzzBox reviews is because there are more opportunities to write reviews on the BuzzBox. 

If you would like more information about the BuzzBox please see the attachment below or contact us at

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