The ABC's of Remarkable 5 Star Customer Service

ABC’s of Being “REMARKABLE!"

Why are reviews important?  What's SEO? What is happening with Google? Find out below.

We believe that providing superior customer service is a duty not a choice.  Why would a customer write a review for someone that provided a "meh," or lack-luster experience?

The only reason that a customer will take the time to sit down at the computer to write you a review is because you really WOW'ed them. The EXPERIENCE you created meant something to them.  And for that, they will on their own want to thank you by writing a review.

To help you get in the habit of not just doing your job, but being "REMARK-able," or worthy of being remarked about, then follow the ABC's of being remarkable!

  • A – Always give them what they need FIRST
  • B – Blow them away with an extraordinary experience
  • C – Create value from start to finish 
Attached is a PDF that you can print for you and your team to hang in a break or conference room, to remind you to keep up the remarkable service!
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