Email Follow-up for Customers Who Didn't Leave a Review

Here at ReviewBuzz we are constantly working to streamline the review generation process and revolutionize our system to serve you better.  Our email follow up will help your customers post a review very easily and provide you and your team with the recognition they deserve.

Abandoned Review Follow-up Email System

- Customer abandons the review.
- At ReviewBuzz, when we discover that the review had been uncompleted, we mark the review as “abandoned.”
- This click of a button triggers an automatic email to be sent to the customer that looks like this:


- Once the customer clicks on that hyperlink, a new window opens that provides a space for them to write you a review.  It looks like this:    

- The customer can hover over the stars and choose a 1-5 star rating, type a review, then they’re done! 

You might ask, “Where does this review go?” Great question.  We have created a review page for you to see these reviews and utilize them as you like.  It looks like this:   


In order to make it easy for you to access this page, we have provided a link for you on your manager Dashboard.  Simply hover over settings on your manager dashboard then select set-up wizard.  Then go to step 4 'prep for marketing' the secons link that you see under 'web pages we created for you' titled "ReviewBuzz Review Page" also known as the BuzzBox.

The screen will look like this:



Please note that this option is ONLY available if a customer fails at posting feedback on a public review site.



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