Create an Incentive Program - Ideas, Editable Sheets, Points Guide

Having an incentive program motivates your team to get reviews. Our system automatically calculates points for each of your team member's performance with ReviewBuzz, but YOU get to decide what rewards they get! 



How much are points worth? 

What we recommend is a penny a point. So if a review is worth 500 points, that equals $5.00. Keep it simple.

Exactly how those points are earned is covered in our attached Gamification Points Guide. Download it, print it, and keep it handy. 


What kind of rewards should I give? 

We suggest experience-based rewards. Think adventures like going to the movies, dinner out, bowling trip, vacation, rather than cash or gift cards. Sure, you could give your employees cash per review, but cash tends to evaporate pretty fast, and the reward is quickly forgotten about.

But a night out to dinner? A vacation? Those things will stay with your employees, and remind them you value their effort for much longer.

Think about it - if your employee, say, claims a prize for a weekend getaway and takes their spouse, how do you think that conversation between your employee and their spouse will go? 

Employee: "Hun, pack your bags, we're going to the spa hotel next weekend!"

Spouse: "Really?! Why?! It's not our anniversary, are you sure we can afford it?"

Employee: "We sure can! I won the weekend as a reward from my company for my excellence in customer service. My customer service has been so good that my customers have written many reviews, so many that my boss wants to recognize and reward my hard work!"

Spouse: "You're kidding! That's amazing. You sure do work for the best company ever." 

 Alright, the conversation might not be as gee-willikers as all that, but it most certainly will be about how great your company is, about reviews, and will keep your employee motivated to earn more. 


Sounds great! How do I upload prizes? 

Click here for an easy walkthru on how to add prizes or follow the steps below.

Go to your manager dashboard, ManageIncentives.


Click Add.


A pop-up window will appear. All of the fields denoted with a red asterisk are required. 
  • Reward Title: In as few words as possible, describe the reward. If it is a gift card, put the gift card value, e.g. $15 Starbucks Gift Card. 
  • Point Value: How many points the employee will need to cash in for that reward.
  • Link to Reward on the web: Some rewards are less obvious than others, so make it easy by putting a hyperlink here. For example, if it's a specific make and model of a tool, a hyperlink will help the employee know exactly what you're offering. 
  • Short description of the Reward: Explain, briefly, what the reward is. For example if it's a vacation, explain exactly what the reward covers.
  • Status: This is a dropdown menu where you can select make active or make inactive. For example in the spring you might want to offer baseball tickets, but in the fall you might want to offer football tickets. 
  • Picture: Although it isn't required, we highly recommend uploading a picture of the reward, even if it's a gift card. People like pictures, and the visual cue makes the reward that much more exciting. 

We've also attached some worksheets and templates that you can use and modify. They are:

  1. Gamification_Points_Guide.pdf: This PDF explains how ReviewBuzz awards your employees points. Print this one out. 
  2. Editable Reward Sheet-Blank Points: This powerpoint will help you make a printable version of your incentive program. We suggest that in addition to having the digital version in ReviewBuzz, put those incentives in this document, print it out, and post it in common gathering areas. 
  3. Editable Reward Sheet: This is the same as #2, but we added suggestions for points.
  4. IncentiveIdeaGuideforTechs: This Word doc is a worksheet you can print and hand to your employees to get their feedback on what kind of rewards they would like. We have a lot of suggestions in there, but feel free to edit, delete, and add rewards that are more applicable for your team.







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