How do I post the Review of The Week on Facebook? Why do I need to allow ReviewBuzz Honors to post?


Recognition is a HUGE part of motivation. So what better way to recognize employees than to publicly highlight their performance in social media for friends, families and other employees to see!

If you see a review that you would like to share to your Facebook followers simply follow the steps below. 

To post the review of the week on your company Facebook page, first make sure you are an admin of the company Facebook page. You will not be able to post if you are not. Once you have access, follow these steps:

  1. Find the review you would like to share from Feedback > View Reviews.
  2. Click on the Facebook icon to the left of the review.
  3. A pop-up window will open asking if you would like to share this review. Click Yes.
  4. This will bring you to Facebook. The application we use to post automatically for you is called ReviewBuzz Honors. You will need to accept the application integration if you wish to proceed. NOTE: We do not post anything on Facebook without your permission – this opt in is only used for Facebook Reviews of the Week, which are entirely controlled by you.
  5. To accept the application integration, the window will ask “ReviewBuzz Honorswould like to post to Facebook for you.” Click Okay.
  6. You will see the Review of the Week automatically generated. Type a message in the box above the award to congratulate your team. Say something like, “Way to go team! Keep up the great work!”
  7. Click Post.

For your convenience we also have a video for this accessible here:

If you are having trouble posting the review of the week please edit the attached template with the review you would like shared and post on your Facebook page.

ReviewBuzz does not market to your Facebook followers or view your friends list. 


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