How Do I Ask for Reviews?

Tips and Proven Strategies in Asking for Reviews



Improving the Quality of the Review

Engaging in conversation with customers during and before leaving the job about the fears or concerns they had before you arrived will motivate the customer to  write a great review. Ask the customer specific questions about the following aspects of the service.
Pricing: Were you concerned that the estimate would be unreasonably
Promptness: Did you expect us to reschedule, or arrive late for the
Efficiency: Did we handle the problem quickly?
Professionalism: Did our company meet your expectations in terms of
professional handling of your service call?
Friendliness: Was your call answered in a friendly manner?
Knowledge: Were you worried about our ability to address your
Previous bad experiences: Have you ever had a problem with other
service companies?
These questions will be conducive for the customer to write in the review about some of these concerns, making the review honest and real.

Handling Common Objections

Customer is busy – Ask kindly if he can post the review later, but before the
end of the day, so it will show in your daily report.
Customer doesn’t have a computer – Provide the instructions and ask if his
kids, neighbors, family members or co‐workers can help him out.
Computer not working at the moment – Ask if you can send him a link later or
at work so they can post it later, and follow up with a courtesy call.

Video: How To Ask For Online Reviews
Click here to learn what to say (and what not to say) when asking for online reviews.
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