Getting the Best Return On Investment (ROI) with ReviewBuzz

ReviewBuzz can be an invaluable tool for maintaining consistently high service ratings, getting more online reviews, and improving search engine rankings. These in turn will help companies build public confidence and trust, get more phone calls, close more deals, greatly improve customer service and strengthen company culture.

Again, ReviewBuzz is a tool. See what we did there, we italicized that important word – tool. Just like any tool, ReviewBuzz must be used properly in order to get the highest return on your investment.  

Here are some of the requirements for successfully integrating ReviewBuzz into your business and maximizing the return on your investment!

Having a Leader
What kind of team would win games without a coach or a captain?  Likewise, winning positive online reviews requires someone to champion your ReviewBuzz program to lead your team to victory over your competitors online. Your company needs someone who follows up with employees, updates the review sites and company information, and reminds everyone how important it is to continue to ask for reviews.  This is critical to using ReviewBuzz, becoming a top-rated company, and staying at the top.

Someone in the organization must be assigned to make sure the all team members are integrating ReviewBuzz into their jobs. A cheerleader if you will. They can leave the pom-poms at home, but it is important to have someone responsible for your ReviewBuzz program. They especially need to make sure the team gets recognized for their working together as a team, constantly providing great service, and asking for reviews.

If no one is leading the team in your quest to maintain a high level of public trust, your return on investment will be greatly reduced.

4 Keystones of Success with ReviewBuzz
There are four critical elements that need to be in place in order to maximize your return on investment with ReviewBuzz and get the most positive reviews.

The successful team leader must know the 4 Keys to Success with ReviewBuzz and work to maintain each corner of the foundation in order to succeed in building up public trust, maintain top ratings, and get the most return on your company’s investment.
The 4 Keys to Success are:
     1.  Job Integration
     2.  Being a Team
     3.  Earning Review
     4.  Getting Recognition

1.  Job Integration
Making proper use of ReviewBuzz a job requirement will greatly increase your return on investment.  Integrating ReviewBuzz use into job descriptions and a factor in performance reviews assures that it will be a priority. The requirements for using ReviewBuzz is providing remarkable customer service, requesting reviews, and checking your ReviewBuzz Dashboard.  If an employee doesn’t know how many reviews they have – then you know they aren’t using it!

If ReviewBuzz is optional and not required you’ll be getting less reviews, missing opportunities for building public trust, and getting a lower return on your investment than you should be getting.

INTEGRATION ACTION:  Make earning and requesting reviews part of employee’s job descriptions and performance reviews.

2.  Being a Team
ReviewBuzz is a team effort.  Service Pros, CSR’s/DSR’s and Managers need to work together in order to use ReviewBuzz well and earn the most authentic reviews.  To work as a team, you need to make time to gather together as a team.


Most companies have regular company meetings.  ReviewBuzz should be discussed and celebrated in these meetings. Recognize those employees who earned the most reviews that week or month, and help those who are struggling to earn the reviews. Be sure everyone has their log-ins to their version of the Dashboard, so they can track their performance and know where they stand in the team.

If you are not investing time in team building, participation will diminish.

TEAM ACTION:  Hold regular team building meetings. Show off the ReviewBuzz results of who is in the lead with reviews and use this as a way to encourage/trouble shoot with those who are not participating.

3.  Earning Reviews
Publicly shared customer experience is the new marketing.  Superior service must be a duty and not an option.  Technicians must earn a review to have the right to request one.  They must thrive on always providing great customer service.  

If technicians are not proving great customer service they are missing an opportunity to build public trust for your company.

Make great customer service an integral part of the company uniform.

4. Giving Recognition
Recognition and incentives are a key element for motivation.  In order for technicians to be fully engaged with the review generating process, technicians and team members need to get recognition from the company - not just for being the best, but also for improving.  ReviewBuzz makes it easy to implement a reward system by making it possible to track the performance of individual team members, and by providing a point system and awards programs.  

If technicians are not recognized for providing great service and getting positive reviews participation will be minimal.

Take advantage of the ReviewBuzz Incentives Board to keep track of your team’s performance for maximum return on investments.

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