ReviewBuzz vs Going Directly to Review Sites

1) Guiding Customer:

  • ReviewBuzz is the easiest way to manage and improve your online presence and reputation because most customers don't know where to go and post positive reviews. Sure you can get some reviews in cyberspace, but are they all on heavyweight sites or on sites where you lack a strong presence?  
  • Without ReviewBuzz, it's like "NOT" having the tracks for your personal “Review Train”. You won't know where you customers are going and can't guide them where you need them the most to help you build the internet presence you need to turn more clicks into calls. You need to help your customers help you get more referrals because it your customers promoting you in all the right places.


2) Positive Review Notification:

  • Without ReviewBuzz, you won’t know WHEN your customers are posting positive reviews. What’s the advantage of knowing? Well, now you have the ability to send them a quick “Thank You” letter or small gift after the review, allowing to you nurture that relationship and turning them into a loyal repeat customer. Saving you hundreds in marketing in trying to get new customers because you have now closed the back door!


3) Negative Review Notification:

  • You heard of the phrase "What you don't know can't hurt you?” This couldn’t be further from the truth when it come to your internet presence. With ReviewBuzz, you also have the tools to get to those unhappy customers before they get to the internet and tell the world. Not to mention, now you have the opportunity to remedy the situation and turn a negative into a positive.

4) Simplified:

  • ReviewBuzz has taken one of the most comprehensive marketing tools out there to date, Word of Mouth Marketing, and simplified for the rest of us. You now have the tools to keep and nurture your Goose that lays the golden eggs, by guiding your customers through a simplified review process. You can continue amassing those beautiful golden eggs or wonderful online reviews, all over the internet with your ReviewBuzz Portal.

5) Proactive:

  • With ReviewBuzz, you have real, tangible tools to help you grow your business and open up a new revenue streams. Setting the tone for your new customers experience with your company from the first contact and through their journey of becoming a happy, loyal customer. A customer willing to give you their “Vote of Confidence” with reviews and referrals and maximizing your word of mouth marketing, or “Socialnomics” if you will.
  • Setting you apart from your competitors and giving you the advantage because you now have the tools to continue to improve all of your customers experiences through internal feedback.
  • With appointment and relationship building tools that makes your company look even more professional and polished than your competitors.


Here is a great video that explains what ReviewBuzz is, and is a great way to begin training your team!

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