Feedback Trends Report

The Feedback Trends Report provides a visual overview of feedback activity in ReviewBuzz. This provides managers with information to know if feedback activity is trending upwards or downwards.

User can select which type of feedback to generate graph of. Choices include:

  • Emails captured
  • Emails sent
  • Reviews received
  • Surveys received

You can select which time frame you wish to pull the report for, such as for the previous week or the previous month.

Report is generated on the webpage, however you can select to download raw stats CSV flowchart.

Click here for an easy walkthru to generate report or follow the steps below.

1) From the main navigation menu, hover over Reporting. Select Feedback Trends Report.


2) Select which data you want the report generated for. Note that if you choose to run both the survey and review reports together, the total won't match the separate totals for surveys and reviews. This is because survey comments appear as reviews in your BuzzBox, and so they are counted as both reviews and as surveys.



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