Responding to customer reviews

It is extremely important for customers to know that you have acknowledged their feedback whether it is negative or positive.

We highly recommend to respond to your customers feedback directly on the review listing. This way potential customers can see how involved you are in your customers care and feedback. 

When responding to a positive customer respond to them directly by mentioning their name, the employee who serviced them as well as a short description of the job performed. You can even offer a discount for future service if they refer a friend to your company.

Remember it is good to share these reviews externally (Facebook Review of the week) as well as internally at company meetings. 

Below is an example of how you can respond to a positive review:

"Thank you for your feedback {customer name}! We greatly appreciate the time you took to post such kind words. {employee name} is such an asset to our company and we love hearing directly from our customers. I'm glad we were able to fix your plumbing issue, we are here to serve you and hope to service you in the future!"

If you receive a negative review you can follow these guidelines:

1) Do not directly blame the customer

2) Do not argue with a customer online

3) Do not immediately say that it is a fake review - check your database first to see if you have serviced this customer

4) Do not respond when you are angry

5) Do not ask the customer to take down their review

Below is an example of how you can respond to a negative review:

"Hi {Customer Name},

Thank you for your feedback, I apologize that our service did not exceed your needs. My name is {your name} and I would like to help remedy this problem. I would like to take the time to speak with you and offer you options for us to help serve you. Please contact me directly at {your phone number}. Thank you."

Once you have talked to the customer ask them to update their review for your company on the site they posted on. 







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