Survey Scores Report

The Survey Scores Report provides an overview of all of your survey respondents answers in ReviewBuzz. You can select which time frame you wish to pull the report for, such as for the previous week or the previous month. Report is generated on the webpage, however you can select to download an Excel spreadsheet. Breaks down responses from surveys by question. Includes NPS.

The Survey Scores Report is divided into sections to easily show results. The sections are as follows:

  • Surveys Count – Total # of all surveys received.
  • Average Score by Question – Average scores of each of the questions 1 - 6. Average likelihood to recommend score. Net Promoter Score. 
  • All survey scores by question - Each survey response including customer name, employee name, survey date, scores by question. 

Steps to generate the report:

Click here for an easy walkthru to generate report or follow the steps below

1) From the main navigation menu, hover over Reporting. Select Survey Scores Report.

Preview of report in Dashboard. Click Download Excel to generate downloadable and printable report.



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