Add, Edit, Delete Team Members

You have control over which technicians, CSR's and other team members have profiles in ReviewBuzz.

Click here for an easy walkthru to ADD team members.

Click here for an easy walkthru to EDIT team members or follow the steps below.

1. Log in to your ReviewBuzz account to access to your Manager Dashboard with this link Click Client login.


2. Hover over Settings. Click Team Members.

3. Click Add Team Member if it is a new team member.

If it is an existing team member, find their profile and click edit.

4. Fill out as much information as you can. There are a few sections to fill out but don't worry, you don't have to fill them all out to add the team member.

The first section is basic team member information. The only required fields are those denoted with a red asterisk --> *.

The online profile provides personal information about this team member. Here is more detail on what this is and how to add this information: How to Edit Online Profiles

5. The next section assigns the team member's Primary Role. Select the role that most closely describes their role in the company.

6. Does your team member have a specific title? The next section allows you to type any title you want for your team member. This is not required.

If this is your first time using ReviewBuzz, there will be no options other than Company Representative. As you add more titles they will save in the account, like the sample account below.

7. Team members receive points for earned reviews. Select how many points you want the team member to earn per review.

Note: Default setting is 500 points, which is the point value most ReviewBuzz clients use.

8. Is this team member a CSR? Activate Employee Access so they can send  feedback (review and/or survey) request emails to your clients.

9. If you wish to disable the online portfolio (personal description from step 4), click the check box next to Disable public review portfolio page. Very few ReviewBuzz customers disable this.

The Team Member Welcome email is sent when you save all these changes. Leave this box checked so your team member gets an email that helps them log in to their own employee-specific ReviewBuzz account.

10. Upload a profile picture for your employee. Click Choose File to access the photos in your computer. Once you select a photo, you'll be prompted to re-size. Be sure to frame the person's face so your customers can see it clearly.

If you receive an error message when trying to upload the image, the file is too large. Here is how to re-size your image: How to Re-size Photo

All done! Click Save to save all changes.

Need extra help? Here's a video that walks you through this process:


Delete a Team Member

From the same menu from Settings > Team Members, find the team member you want to delete. Under their name, click delete.


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