Add Existing Reviews to Your Account

You may already have reviews in cyberspace before starting with ReviewBuzz. Great! Let's make sure everyone can see those reviews on your widget and in the Meet the Team email. 

Click here for an easy walkthru, or follow these steps::

1. Log in to your Manager’s Dashboard. Click here if you don't know how to log in.

2. Hover over Feedback. Click View Reviews.

 3. Click Add a Review.

4. A pop up window will appear. Enter all information available in the fields provided. Click OK when finished. The review will appear in chronological order according to the date you provided.

Things to remember…

  • Only add reviews that are posted on a public review site.
  • Team members will earn points for any manually added review, even if the review is years old.
  • Adding a review will not add it to the selected website - this feature is ONLY to add existing reviews into your ReviewBuzz dashboard.

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