How ReviewBuzz Works

Earn & Track 5-Star Online Reviews: ReviewBuzz is an online reputation management tool that focuses on generating new and positive reviews. The goal is to increase your ratings on popular review sites, such as Google Places, Yelp and Facebook, by offering great service and capitalizing on review opportunities.

Today, customers want a simple way to find the company they want and they turn to these sites to find the answers. ReviewBuzz will help you generate more positive reviews, increase your online ratings, and provide you with a system guaranteed to make becoming a 5-Star company easy and effective!

Measure & Improve Customer Service: ReviewBuzz makes it easier for you to see how your employees are really performing. Are they the best in town? Do they give their 100%? Our patent-pending feedback system gives your customers an easy way to tell you exactly what they think of your employees, giving you the power and understanding to improve.

ReviewBuzz works with your company to enhance the quality of the service you provide. We won’t just offer a quick fix or a burst of positive reviews, we’ll give you a lifelong tool that will never stop benefiting your company and putting you ahead of your competition!

Incentivize & Reward: We believe that quality work deserves reward. ReviewBuzz has an integrated feedback system, providing a built in way to not only track progress, but an easy way to reward 5-star service! Our gamification program racks up points for each employee's performance, and can be custom enhanced to deliver the rewards that your employees would enjoy. 




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