Tips to Handle Yelp’s Recent Changes

Here are some things you can do now with ReviewBuzz to navigate the recent changes with Yelp.

Most importantly, keep asking for feedback - and focus your efforts on Google, Facebook, the BBB and other sites that matter to your business.

Here are some ways you can do that:

Temporarily Remove Yelp As An Active Review Site

Take control. If Yelp refuses to honor the reviews that are being left for your company, remove Yelp as an active review site.

This is going to elevate the importance of other sites like Google, Facebook, and the BBB. Given that the majority of your potential customers go to a site like Google when initially searching for a service provider, directing your customers there will have hugely beneficial results.

To do this in your Manager Dashboard, hover over Settings and click on Review Sites.


From there, you can uncheck Yelp as an active Review site option and make sure to click Save at the bottom of that page.



Add More Review Sites To The ReviewBuzz Portal

People like options. The more options they have, they more likely they are to engage. We know that offering more review site options will increase the number of reviews your company will earn.

You can give your customer more review site options directly in your Manager Dashboard.  

In your Manager Dashboard, hover over Settings and click on Review Sites.



Next, click on See more review sites. This is going to expand the list of review site options to choose from.


When you check the box next to a review site and click Save at the bottom of the page, a support ticket will automatically generate for us, and we will manually activate that site URL so it appears it appears in the review portal.

Note: You may activate up to 12 review sites at a time and please allow up to 24 hours for your new additions or changes (activation or deactivation) to be reflected.


Encourage Your Team To Specifically Ask For Reviews On Google, Facebook, the BBB and Angie’s List

Your team, the service they provide, and the relationship they develop with your customers can be a powerful tool in taking control of your online reputation. The moment your technician hands out their Buzzcard is the perfect opportunity for them to direct your customer to a site like Google, Facebook, or the BBB.

Allow them to be candid with your customers about Yelp filtering out authentic reviews. Your customers want their voice to be heard and will be encouraged to go to a site that values and honors their feedback.


Lower The Points Awarded To Your Team For Yelp Reviews In Your Incentive Program

Currently, Yelp reviews are set to automatically earn more points than other review sites. You can adjust this by going into your Manager Dashboard, hovering over Settings, and clicking on Account.

Scroll all the way to the bottom until you see Yelp Point Settings. Toggle the On option and click Save. If you do not see this option, please contact ReviewBuzz support by entering in a request from your dashboard (Support-->Help Desk; then click on “Submit a request”) or, simply send an email to


De-emphasize The Yelp Option In The ReviewBuzz Portal By Moving It Lower Down In The List Of Choices.

Right now, Yelp is likely one of the first options your customers see when they go to leave a review through your ReviewBuzz portal. We can change that.

Send a quick note over to asking us to move Yelp down in the list of review site choices. Indicate what spot you’d like Yelp to be or simply state “at the end” or “on the bottom” and we’ll set it as your last review site option in the portal. Our support team is standing by and can quickly make that update to your profile.


Keep Being Remarkable!

Most importantly, keep doing what you are doing in providing amazing service for your customers. The number one generator of a review is a happy customer, and that comes from the remarkable service that you provide.

We are committed to continuing our mission of helping your good people get noticed. We will continue to aggressively develop new product enhancements to ensure your company gets amazing reviews on the sites that matter.

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